Showered With Love |

21 Oct

It’s truly amazing how quickly time is passing these days! Between weddings, projects and special events… I’m finding that each day is holding less and less hours in it! Oh, that’s just me? Well, alright then.

This past month was quite exciting ! My bachelorette party AND my shower occurred in a matter of two weeks! Quite the hecticly relaxing time it’s been. What a blessing to be surrounded by such amazing women.


My beautiful Mom and Sister 11




Love embarrassing shower games . “How well do you know your Fiance”120

My best “Yoda” 122



Photos by Daniel Lateulade


Featured | Glitter and Lace Blog

8 Aug

It’s an extraordinary honor to be a part of such an important day in so many women’s lives. Being appreciated by fellow industry professionals is the cherry on top.

When  the sweet girls from The Glitter and Lace Blog requested I do a guest entry for their readers I was thrilled.

It’s all about the summer look and how to achieve the look yourself. Check it out and if any of you try it, please tag us on facebook so I can see how you did!

 Thanks to the Glitter and Lace girls for such a wonderful spread!

Keep an eye on their blog for more exciting “Giselle Related” entries!

In and Out of the Waves

13 Jul

I must be honest with you, Internet. Sometimes I can be my own worst enemy. Alright, alright… saying ‘sometimes’ is an understatement. I serve myself enough plates full of  “I can’t” potatoes smothered in  “who do you think you are” gravy to give Thanksgiving a run for it’s money.

I know that when starting on a path towards a dream, doubt is inevitable. It’s uncharted territory and more often than not, you’re alone. You’re forced to lead your own way and there’s no one to blame for your failure mistakes but yourself. There’s no unicorn drawn carriage taking you through the hard road.

I know that It is getting past the thorns in the path that builds character. But no one tells you what happens once you’ve “arrived”. When the dust settles and you’ve finally gotten your footing…. that’s when the second wave of worries and doubts come in. Failure after you’ve reached your goal seems to be the worst of all. To lose a dream once you’ve achieved it. That’s my fear. My worry. Higher expectations have emerged and the “letting everyone down” seems so much more personal.

I’m here to tell you that its normal to have doubts even while you’re living your dream. I doubt, I question my talents, I worry, and worst of all is I don’t give myself enough credit when it is due. Today, I woke up with the realization that I’ve been living my dream for over three and a half years. Two years and a half of that I’ve been blessed to do what I love full time. Yet, here I’ve been… not giving myself enough credit. Worrying about my next 6 months of weddings and questioning my advertising methods. Reality is, every time I worry about a slow month or I wonder if a Bride actually liked the work I provided, I am reminded by three others how wonderful I helped make them feel on their wedding day.

Fear and I are going to have to part ways. I’m going to learn to live for the moments in between the waves of doubt. Because the sky is at its bluest there and everyone loves a good tan.

Image by : Brooke Images

Bride: Sofia Brown

Hair and Makeup by: GS Makeup Artistry

Deadlines – Shemdlines

27 Jun

You are looking at the worst of all of them. The girl who waits till the last minute to do everything. Even as a kid, I would wait until the night before a project was due to start working on it. Who cares if the teacher assigned it four weeks ago!? I think I was programed that way.
Perhaps, it is because I thrive under pressure or that if I have too much time to look at a completed project I usually end up changing it. My philosophy is “why do things in advance when I would just end up recreating the project the night before anyways”.
Today, while at lunch, my mind was flooded with all the little loose ends that need to be tied up for the wedding. I even felt a little bit of guilt set upon my stomach knowing I should be attending to the chicken scratch words written ever so “Giselle like” on my desk. It didn’t last long though, because I quickly told myself “there’s more than enough time”. In reality, months will pass before the wedding and that is ample time to get all my edges smoothed out. Maybe I like convincing myself there is still time because of sheer laziness and maybe the “it’ll be here before you know it” tellers are right. But the truth is, I’m not ready to have all the details finished. I am not good at sitting around with idle hands. I’m in love with planning our wedding!
And with the unimaginable amounts of DIY projects that must be incorporated into the wedding… how is a girl Supposed to finalize?!
Between you and me, I may never be finished planning the wedding. Even AFTER the wedding. I’ll be waiting for the next big event to consume me.
But until then, I’ll ignore those voices in my head and the question askers in my ear; and I’ll continue procrastinating because it makes my heart happy. Judge me if you’d like, but there ain’t no shame in my game.

With inspiration like this who wouldn’t want to milk the planning process!

Photo from

Still a nonbeliever

21 Jun

He asked, and I said yes.

There’s a beautiful diamond sitting on my left hand and he tells me each day how much he loves me, and yet…. I still can’t believe it.

He chose me. HE.chose. ME.

I often wonder what on Earth I ever did right for me to have found such a wonderful man to grow old with.

He tells me I’m beautiful even in my sweat pants, he supports me, trusts me, spoils me, surprises me, pushes me and teaches me. Such a giving man, so patient and kind. He heals and he prays. He loves my family and doing the dishes. A man who loves doing the dishes?!! Are you kidding me!

I am blessed beyond comprehension to have found such unconditional love.

Oh… and did I mention…He takes photos whenever I ask.

Our first engagement photos by BrownEyedPhotographer.

And then there was cake

13 Mar

A year ago today:

It was supposed to be a surprise party. Bill was turning 28 and all he asked for was to play wiffel-ball with the gang. “Something quiet”, he said.

To me, quiet doesn’t mean it can’t be an organized softball game on a real baseball field. After all, he didn’t specify WHERE his game had to be.

With the help of my sister and Sofie, the date, time and location were set.  I had convinced Billy to take the day off of work for what I told him was going to be a “romantic Birthday celebration”. Any time he would ask what we were doing I would lead him astray by responding to his questions with absurd answers. I wanted him to think we were going sky diving, so I answered his questions with this in mind.

When we pulled up to the baseball field it took him a minute to realize all his friends and family were there. Surprise … ACCOMPLISHED. We spent the day under the hot March sun, throwing the ball back and forth, eating pizza and laughing.

After lunch, everyone else was pretty much finished playing softball but Bill insisted on one last inning. He wanted to bat and he wanted me to be the catcher. This particular at bat, Billy SWORE he was going to hit a home run (mind you, he’s struck out the ENTIRE game up until this point. So a home run was a mathematical improbability) and requested I hold his phone for him. “It’s going to fall out of my pocket and break when I run the bases! Please hold my phone babe”, he said to me.

I rolled my eyes knowing he was imagining this “home run” and stretched open my hand for him to place the phone in it. He asked me to go into his pocket and get his phone as his “hands were dirty” (please, you were just eating pizza with those “dirty hands”). I gave in and stomped my way up to him making sure he was aware of my opinion of this “home run”. When I reached my hand into his right pocket my heart sank and I couldn’t help but smile as I spoke. “That’s not your phone, honey”, I told him “I don’t know what that is but that’s not your phone”.

You know when you watch a movie and someone is about to get proposed to… there’s that small moment right before she opens the box you can’t help but think “how horrible would it be if it was a pair of earrings and she’s thinking he’s proposing”!? THAT is exactly what went through my mind at the moment.

I told myself “don’t over react…. it’s probably NOT a ring”

He told me to pull out whatever was in his pocket and show it to him. All I could say was “nuh uh!”

Shaking, I pulled out this white box and started to fight the lump in my throat.

“I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind marrying me too much” he quoted with the most incredible smile I’ve ever seen.

At this point the tears were rolling and I had no words to speak. With a nod I accepted and Billy rejoiced with a bat in the air.

He truly turned the surprise around on me. It was perfect. My siblings were there, his siblings were there and all the friends he grew up with. We were surrounded by cameras and love.

Then, there was cake.

-My heart bleeds purple-

27 Dec

Ever wake up and think to yourself ” I need to change things up a tinge.” Maybe you rearrange your bedroom, buy a new cd to jam to on your way to work, or try the new Italian place down the street.

For me, there’s always one sure fire way to spice things up in my life.


Being a makeup artist and hair student, it is only natural that I have matching “artsy” hair! So I ditched my long tresses and went punk with a touch of class (yes, it’s possible).

So internet… I present you with my before and after photos.. let me know what you think!

I’m not so sure why it photographs blue but it’s actually PURPLE! I love it!

Sometimes I get weirded out by the stares outside of the salon atmosphere but it’s a conversation starter, a testament to my art and being true to myself.

What can I say, I guess my heart bleeds purple and I’m more than okay with that.

Cut: Sarah Cox…..Color: Joycelynn Kane

Get “filled” In

14 Dec

Yes, internet…. it has, most definitely, been a while. Life has been so good to me these last few months and I extend my deepest apologies for not keeping you all filled in. There is so much to tell!

Let me begin with this: Wedding season was an amazingly busy experience for me this year and for that I am TRULY blessed! The lives I have been touched by these last months have helped me grow both professionally and personally. For that, I would like to thank all of my 2010 Brides and clients! Without you, I would have smiled less, laughed less and would not have had the privilege of falling deeper in love with what I do.  

Fun fill in fact #2: I am mere MONTHS away from becoming a LICENSED COSMETOLOGIST!!!  Ohhhh ya! Yours truly will be doing makeup AND HAIR for my already Fab Brides! Oh how I am so lucky to have two loves! I am currently building my Bridal Hair Portfolio so be on the look out!

Fill in facts 3-? : I have two amazing new jobs (when I am not making Brides up, that is). One position is at a “Five Diamond property” that I can not name but trust me.. It’s very exciting to be a part of such a beautiful location. Here I act as their Bridal Makeup Artist and Special Event Artist (insert girly scream here!). The other position I hold is Makeup Artist/Salon Assistant for the cutest and  hippest Salon in my area, Salon Bliss! Once licensed, you will find me behind the chair there, doin’ my thang.

         WPPI this year my big sis landed me a gig to do the hair and makeup for Jacksonville Photographer, Scalett Lillian. Type my name in the Search Engine and you will be able to see the lovely model, Erin Wade.           

         My sister, Mirelis (BrownEyedPhotographer), shot the 2010-2011 FIREFIGHTER CALENDAR… and GUESS who got to act as makeup artist for the shoots…. OH YA!               

         This April, two of California’s VIP photographers, The Bui Brothers, were in town for a lighting workshop, and I was asked to do the makeup for their models! (another girly scream)

         My parents have just completed 28 years of marriage and two very special women in my life are now MRS.! What an honor to have been a part of their days!

         All but 2 of my “Service Friends” are back in the states from their deployments, safe and sound. Thank the Good Lord!

        New business cards are on the way along with some new promotional/advertising print work I am excited to release!

There are so many wonderful things that have happened ….. I hope this catches you up a bit! 

 I will be writing more frequently, but until then….I leave you to my year in photos

Scarlett Lillian’s Vegas Workshop. Erin was a pleasure to work with! Hair and makeup by yours truly!


Photo By Erin’s Handsome Hubby, Gavin! Thanks for the beautiful shot!

Bui Brother’s Miami Workshop.. Photo Credit:The INSANELY talented, Lydia Shannon.

She was the brains behind the workshop and found time to raise over $10,000.00 for Breast Cancer this year! Pretty much the coolest girl I know

Three model Photos By BrownEyedPhotographer.


2010 Fireman Calendar shot by BrownEyedPhotographer ….. YES , this WAS my job. The boys needed to look oiled and dirty so, naturally, I accepted the challenge.

CLICK here to see the final images from the calendar

Photog “Trash The Dress” workshop I did hair for! First addition to my hair portfolio. Thanks to John Tharp for setting up the shoot!

I am not sure who exactly shot this photo but I would LOVEEEEE to give credit, so please, if this is your work- shoot me a comment below and I’ll be sure to name you!

Makeup By fellow Artist McKenzie Ramirez

One of my Bestest friends wedding…. I love her!

Beautiful Bride, Beautiful Friend. Hair and Makeup for Mrs. Prugh!

Professional images to come.


 Annndddddd lastly, the images of my new business cards!


I have ONE more VERY new thing that has happened to me, I will be posting those photos soon.

Later internet!

.Twin Connection & Sick Senior Session.

28 Apr

“Did you see that gorgeous family?” she whispered as the bride and groom were out on the dance floor.

The one in the corner? Yes, and I have a feeling we have that shoulda/coulda been twins thing going on right now” I responded, camera still affixed to my face.

Sometimes, I swear, my sister and I were meant to be twins. We have this…. ability to have the same thoughts and feelings even though we were no were near each other at the time of thought conception. It’s that ESPN thing they say twins have (yes I meant to place the N there… its sports talk- Mirelis loves me for it)- you know, that thing that connects them on a level they will never reach with any other human being. It can be as simple as having the same meal during the day even though we are not lunching together, or capturing the same shot at a wedding and discovering it in post-processing. Whatever it is, we have it! And I thank God that we do, because (I’m totally tooting our horn here) we come up with some SICK ideas.

She caught our eye at a wedding…. and with good reason… Maria is a Highschool Senior and one of the faces of BrownEyedPhotograher..SENIORS. These aren’t your usual Senior Photos- for more info go to and click INFORMATION

Thank you, Maria, for making me feel like a more than stellar makeup artist. Your excitement and love for my work is what pushes me to do what I do! You’re epically sick!

Mirelis, thanks for being my 2.5 years apart twin. You complete me!

My personal favorite shot of the day…. I just love the juicy back lighting not to mention Ms. Maria looks fierce!


Get her look:

Eyes: I primed her lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance– I love this for when I want long lasting shadow with a base that does not alter the color of the eyeshadow I am placing over it (Sephora carries this product for $17.00 and it’s worth every penny in my opinion). For her base I used a butterscotch pigment with a dark brown crease and outer V.  She already has some amazing lashes but adding Ardell 109 lashes really made her eyes pop. I used my MAC Fix Plus to create a liner using a combination of my black shadow and brown shadow from Krylon on her upper and lower lashes.(Trick: To take this look from day to night, simply amp up the amount of liner you place on the eye and a darken the outer V. Also, a darker lipstick and extra gloss will really draw attention to your lips. )

Face: As a side note, I’ve fallen in love with Temptu Airbrush Foundation! Because it gives the ability to choose light to full coverage and, as a bonus,it keeps the skin looking flawless and youthful. With Maria, I used light to medium coverage, her AH-mazing skin didn’t need my help. I used this on her in a shade number 6.  Setting her with a translucent powder and a little  bit of MAC’s sunbasque blush and contoured her with MAC bronzer finished the face.  This look can be created with a light red blush that has a hint of bronzer. The goal is to get a tanned but blushed look.

Lips: To keep the lips neutral, I used Stila lip gloss in Gleam. A glossy nude pink would work for this look.

If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate! That’s what the comment box is for.

Girly with a pinch of Spice

4 Apr

Just the other day, while I was flipping though some images from our beautiful beach wedding last weekend I ran into a few… less than flattering images of myself. Turns out, when I wasn’t looking, my ever so sweet big sister was taking a moment to laugh at me and photograph my crazy antics.

As photographers, the reality of our situation is this- when that perfectly lit, dreamy, starry-sky type shot comes along, you have to jump hurdles to capture it. Sometimes, this means doing some not so lady like things. In fact, sometimes, the things we do are just down right wrong. But with smiles on our faces and passion in our hearts we will skip into the ocean, cameras in hand. To me, these photographs are more than just amusing, they put into perspective how determined we are to get the shot. Even if it means rock climbing, hiding in bushes or just plain actin’ a fool.

But you know what, that’s me- I’m girly with a pinch of spice… and I’m totally cool with that.

Today, I urge you to put yourself out there in all your glory. Laugh at yourself before others and embrace who you are … even if being you today means picking sand out of your hair.